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General Construction

​​During its early years, Parkinson’s business activities were comprised of several different building trades, among them Painting and Coatings, Concrete, Masonry, Carpentry, and Reinforcing Steel. The broad-based experience obtained early on would prove very valuable to the company as it gained success and market share, leading to the completion of many projects in the metropolitan Washington area.

Parkinson expanded its business expertise and capability into areas of construction management and general contracting. In this regard the company continued to pursue opportunities of a larger capacity, sometimes working directly for project owners rather than general contractors. Building on its decades of accomplishment, Parkinson today excels in the construction arena with the same professionalism, sense of purpose, and entrepreneurial spirit that have characterized the company’s efforts since its founding.

Masonry Division

​By 1988 Parkinson had begun to develop considerable expertise and capability in all aspects of masonry construction, and this became the company’s focus throughout the 1990’s. During this time the company hired and trained trade supervisory personnel, mechanics, journeymen, operators, engineers, and project managers who have remained steadily employed by Parkinson for as long as 20 years. Parkinson made significant capital investments in major equipment items associated with large scale construction operations, including tubular and mechanized scaffolding, heavy duty all terrain forklifts, warehouse forklifts, and material hoists, as well as the typical equipment items of power mortar mixers and small tools.

These company resources enabled Parkinson to perform the masonry work on an increasingly noteworthy portfolio of area projects. The company adopted the slogan “We don’t just build structures, we build landmarks”. The company developed its own niche of specialty: providing masonry construction services on large, complex, monumental-scale construction projects.


​​We merge with design teams to perform as design-builders, carrying the project from inception to conception under one contract. Our contracting expertise in the design-build process enables direct communication with designers, cuts down on design uncertainty, and shortens the design process. We can bring a run-value engineering option concurrently while a design is being finalized.